Six Human Needs In Marriage Success Pack by Tawnya & Scott Landis

Six Human Needs In Marriage Success Pack

Everything you need to apply the Six Human Needs to our marriage. The ebook, the workbook, the audiobook, and four month's of virtual-relationship-coaching from Scott & Tawnya.

Here's What You Get

Six Human Needs In Marriage Audiobook AND eBook
Having a general understanding and application of Tony Robbins' six human needs model is a powerful skill in life. Scott and Tawnya show you how to apply it directly to your marriage. Learn what to do and what NOT to do to turn your spouse into your biggest fan, and fall completely in love with you. Streamable audio file read by Scott + the full PDF. 

Four Months of Relationship Inspirations
What would happen to your relationship if you had help making more memorable moments?

What kind of difference could that make? 

If you had a Virtual Relationship Coach visit you and your partner every other week to ensure that you keep investing in your relationship; how would that impact your relationship

For the next FOUR months, you'll get messages direct from Scott and Tawnya of inspiration, challenges, exercises, and FUN to bring more passion, creativity, love, and fulfillment to your relationship!We're going to give you great ideas to make date night more fun and inspiring. We're going to make it fun and easy to invest time, creativity and energy into your partner every week that doesn't feel like the same old thing!

This is a Virtual Relationship Coaching SYSTEM! Bi-Weekly lessons and relationship-saving assignments in your inbox every other week.

Six Human Needs In Marriage eWorkbook
The best way to fully understand and bring the "Six Human Needs in Marriage" tools into your relationship is with the accompanying workbook. You can use it as you go through the ebook to enhance your learning, or after you've read it as an application tool. Or use it in your small group! PDF access. 

What's included?

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Six Human Needs In Marriage
Six Human Needs in Marriage ebook
675 KB
Six Human Needs In Marriage Audiobook
37 mins
Six Human Needs Workbook
230 KB
Welcome To Virtual Relationship Coaching From Scott & Tawnya
Relationship-Inspirations Lesson 1
Establish Baseline Worksheet
101 KB
Relationship-Inspirations Lesson 2
Your Relationship Inspiration Issue #2
Relationship-Inspirations Lesson 3
Your 3rd issue of Relationship Inspirations
Anti-Complacency Worksheet
273 KB
Relationship-Inspirations Lesson 4
A bit more about the anti-complacency worksheet and why creating a spark is important
Relationship-Inspirations Lesson 5
Here's how to interpret and apply the Six Human Needs
Understanding Needs Worksheet
169 KB
Relationship-Inspirations Lesson 6
Going Deeper On the Six Human Needs
Needs Bonus Worksheet
146 KB
Relationship-Inspirations Lesson 7
Active Listening and Assertiveness
Wish List Exercise
164 KB
Relationship-Inspirations Lesson 8
More Communication Tips!