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The Nicholas Cupps Show

Tawnya got to talk about her experience in network marketing and success with Beachbody. This is a great example of finding opportunities in doing what you love.  You'll hear her huge passion for health and fitness.
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The Krista & Ed Show

High school sweethearts doing life together in love and business
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The Success Chronicles

Scott and Tawnya got to be a part of Chip's Relationship Series. We share our thoughts and philosophy on fulfilling relationships.
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The Nicholas Cupps Show

Scott was interviewed by Nicholas. He shares how he discovered that many of the problems couples were facing stemmed from the husbands feeling emasculated in their relationships and not even knowing it.  This prompted him to focus in this area and he is creating a movement called Awakened Man.  
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Joining Jim today are Tawnya and Scott Landis from the Nehemiah Project, and they share their incredible and moving testimony on how they came to be a part of the project and how it has shaped their lives.
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The Business Of Life

Keith Callahan interviewed Tawnya about our traveling Europe for two months
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Keep Your Daydream

The Landis family of 5 hit the reset button to find a new life perspective during a two-month trip throughout Europe. They sold their house, car, and moved all their possessions into a moving pod. Tawnya and Scott share their journey, struggles and how their trip brought their family even closer. 
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The Millionaire Nurse

Have you ever felt like your identity and job had become so intermingled that you didn’t know who you really are? I know I did. As a nurse of ten years ready for a change out of nursing I started to experience an identity crisis! Who am I if I’m not a nurse? Scott reminded me that WHO I am is different than WHAT I DO. Listen to this episode where he breaks down this simple yet powerful concept.
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