Level-Up Your Marriage 10-Day Challenge by Tawnya & Scott Landis
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Level-Up Your Marriage 10-Day Challenge

Laying the Foundation to Build Your Dream Marriage. 
Enrollment is closed


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Now You And Your Spouse Can Take Our Most Popular Course In A Group Setting! Plus Scott & Tawnya will be walking step-by-step with the group!

Not only that, but we've slashed the price to $147 for this 10-day path to growth, intimacy, and connection!

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On April 19th, 10 couples will join Scott & Tawnya in a group experience!

The cohort will get daily lessons, marriage-enriching challenges, support, accountability, and coaching from Scott & Tawnya, in a 10-day Marriage Enrichment Group

What if you had a tool to create a more fulfilling, more connected, and more passionate marriage?

Now you do...

Why do we still feel like something is missing?

We have all been there, right? It doesn’t mean you’re a failure or that you have a “bad marriage”. What does it mean? Simply that you’ve hit a moment in time, or maybe even a season, where something has been lost. This “something” could be a lot of things: trust, passion, ability to communicate, an understanding, satisfaction with sex, emotional connection, intimacy, or even all the above.

Tawnya and Scott have experienced all that over their 25 years together. (Yes they were just kids when they started dating.) Over the last decade, they have been actively coaching couples and teaching them new skills to deal with these challenges. Scott and Tawnya have learned from the best marriage gurus and have worked to apply as much as they can to their own marriage. Scott and Tawnya believe that good marriages don’t just happen, they’re built on intention and good practice. They also believe there is no better place to find fulfillment than in a healthy and passionate marriage.

But they admit marriage is hard! Even for them, a few years ago, they went on a quest to answer this question: “If we have done everything ‘right’ and by all accounts, we have a ‘good marriage’, why do we still feel like something is missing? Why aren’t we completely fulfilled, satisfied, and absolutely passionate with each other???”

The high achievers they are, Tawnya and Scott decided to go ALL IN and put their individual comfort zones at risk in the pursuit of a higher level of marital satisfaction together. The process was, to be brutally honest, hell for them. At the hardest rock bottom moment, they realized it was not an option to go back to “the good marriage” they had, but they couldn’t figure out what was missing to have the relationship they both desperately wanted and felt each other deserved. In an extremely painful moment, they admitted to each other, they were ready to separate. They felt completely defeated and broken. In love, but unable to meet the other’s needs. Or so they thought.

They gave it one last ditch effort by going to Tony Robbins’ week-long seminar called “Date With Destiny”. As they boarded the plane for the trip, both were grasping to a tiny bit of hope that this could save their marriage, but inside were terrified about the very real possibility it would mean the end of their 18 year marriage. Needless to say, the trip and seminar was a success.

Now, they thank God every day for that hell they went through because that “all in” bet paid off for them big time! Now they have more than a good marriage, but one that completely fulfills them; full of passion, growth, contribution, and intimacy that they didn’t imagine was possible. And they want to teach you the secrets that have created such an unbelievable bond and connection.

Take the next step towards your Dream Marriage:

In this interactive course, you'll be guided by the Marriage Architects, Scott and Tawnya. They’ll take you step-by-step through a process they deliver to their one on one coaching clients.

Coaching and Advice from Marriage Architects The course tracks your progress automatically, and we’ll be with you each step of the way. And if you need additional coaching and feedback, just let us know! We want to help you accomplish your goals for your relationship.

Go at Your Own Pace You can go through the program in about a month, but you are able to determine the pace of your progress. We believe you will find tremendous value by making this course a daily habit. Sometimes, it makes sense to repeat one of the lessons and you can do that as many times as you like.

Our Most Affordable Program Marriage Architects clients typically invest hundreds of dollars per hour in order to realize a transformation in their marriage, but you get to work with Scott and Tawnya for a total investment of only $247* through this course. If you want to add Personalized Private Coaching to your Self-Study, you can for a total of just $1599! This is a great way to get even more out of your 30-day Challenge, with increased accountability and trouble-shooting. Either way, get started with the first four Missions for free...then decide what works best for you.

Good Foundation + Passion = Dream Marriage

Whether you are in crisis, or just want to take your marriage from good to great, or anything in between, Scott and Tawnya want to help you get there too. They have helped the most desperate situations you can imagine. Is it really possible to go from the brink of divorce to fully passionate, fulfilled and connected like never before? Yes, absolutely it is.

What the Marriage Architects have to offer is a unique combination: a wealth of experience, knowledge, techniques and skills foundational for a healthy marriage coupled with a real life, transparent, caring and vulnerable approach to helping you ignite the passion in your relationship that you dream of.

With a little help and a little faith, you can do this! One step at a time is all it takes. And you can get there much quicker than you think possible. You just need someone to show you the way. Scott and Tawnya are here to help you.

What's included?

File Icon 4 files Text Icon 18 text files


LEVEL 1 Mindset
MISSION 1 Describe Your Dream Marriage
MISSION 2 Your Partner Is On Your Side
MISSION 3 Express Yourself
MISSION 4 Come Together As One
LEVEL 2 Connection
MISSION 5 Get Connected
MISSION 6 Emotional Connection Vault
MISSION 7 What is Your Love Language?
MISSION 8 Little things mean a lot
LEVEL 3 Understanding
MISSION 9 The Blame Game
MISSION 10 "I" statements
MISSION 11 Notice and Imagine
MISSION 12 Seek to understand
MISSION 13 The Ultimate Power
LEVEL 4 Acceptance
MISSION 14 Unconditional Acceptance
MISSION 15 Acceptance Ladder
MISSION 16 Surrender
MISSION 17 Make a Decision
MISSION 18 Who Goes First?
LEVEL 5 Empowerment
MISSION 19 You Can Do This!
MISSION 20 It's Like the Weather
MISSION 21 Commitments
MISSION 22 Run The Race To Win

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Success Stories

It was wonderful!

"They are honest, sincere, down to earth and heartfelt. Their calling and passion to help marriages is obvious. As coaches, they are willing to be vulnerable right alongside you. They aren't afraid to challenge you when needed, or ask the tough questions. We discussed real issues. We felt equipped with tools that would help us in the future. They provide a safe space to talk about problems. This was great for us! We still use the communication tools in challenging conversations."
Ryan & Andrea Garrow
Did I marry the wrong person?

"Wouldn't it be easier to just start over? These are questions I asked myself for over 20 years in my marriage. Years in and out of numerous marriage counselors with little to no success. Around two years ago I alone began working with Marriage Architects and have seen more transformation in the last 12 months of my marriage than the last 25 years combined. MA has taught me how to become a better me and in the process brought a rekindling of my marriage that I never possible."
Husband (desires anonymity)
It was great working with them!

"We worked with Scott and Tawnya 4 1/2 years ago. It provided us with a good example of what a healthy Biblical relationship looks like. They are very inviting and we both felt we could be honest with everything we talked about. The most valuable experience was being able to be open with another couple about our fears and struggles. We learned open communication. In times we invite each other into every area of our lives our marriage is strong."
Melissa & Michael Dudleston
Our coaching program was incredible

"Our coaching program was incredible, challenging, and transformational. It helped us see things in a new way. We better understand our differences. We have tools to use. We could finally “hear” each other, and understand we’re different and be OK with that. We have gained confidence in our relationship, that we can let the small stuff go, and still trust and love each other through the harder stuff. Scott & Tawnya ask the right questions, and are good at letting us get to the right answers."
Billy & Lauren Mitchell
It was very helpful; also painful

"It was very helpful because it helped me to learn the best way to communicate with my spouse. It was also painful because it helped me to see the error in my ways. I learned to be quiet and pray. The biggest thing is being slow to speak and quick to listen. As a business owner, working on removing the boss hat and putting on my feminine wife hat at home is key. The coaching is very positive and well balanced. It caused us to have more peace in our marriage and I’m able to watch the Lord work."
Marlon & Dr. Rashida Cohen