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A Lifestyle Focused Personal Development SYSTEM. Become the Best Version of Yourself; with access to training, coaching, and all the tools you need to make it happen. It's all about Experiencing Balanced Growth And Performance In the areas Of Health, Wealth, and Relationships, Through Our Four Pillars of Fulfillment (Vitality, Relationships, Freedom And Impact)


$10 / month

Monthly recorded tips and trainings

Limited Access to  Awakened Life Community tools including: 
  • Nutritional Guides
  • Fun At-home Workouts
  • Morning Routines
  • Habit Trackers
  • Basic Accounting Tools & Practices
-Limited access to Awakened Life Courses 

-Member of Awakened Life Community


$50 / month

-Everything in Start
, plus:

Monthly Awakened Life virtual Challenge Group training for increased focus and accountability
-Full Access to all Awakened Life Community tools including:
  • Goal Planning Systems
  • Nutritional Guides
  • Fun At-home Workouts
  • Weekly Action Planner
  • Daily Journals
  • Morning Routines
  • Daily Habit Tracker
-Full Access to Awakened Life Content & Courses Vault
-BONUS: One-on-one Strategy Kick-Off Call (limited time). The return on this Bonus alone will pay for the membership for many months to come!



$100 / month

-Everything in Start and Grow, plus:
-Monthly Awakened Life  live group Zoom meeting to focus on:
  • Training & group coaching
  • Implementing your goals for Health, Wealth, and Relationships
  • Experience-sharing with other members
  • Opportunity for individual coaching and problem-solving
-Access  to our robust life financial planning software (called LifeLens) with ongoing support

You have huge goals right?!?

. . .Why???

My guess is your huge goals are tied to an important why. . . A purpose.
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If you're like us, your purpose has something to do with making a significant and very positive contribution to the world (or your community or towards a social issue), am I right?

So if that's true, here's what you need to know. After working with entrepreneurs, business leaders, individuals, and couples for the last decade, what we've found is the real reason we want to make an impact is fulfillment.

In fact, all we do at Awakened Life Academy is move towards greater fulfillment in life.

That's why we created The Four Pillars Of Fulfillment:
  • Impact
  • Freedom
  • Relationships
  • Vitality
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This is really a paradigm for how to create the highest level of fulfillment in your life. As we've already discussed, ultimate fulfillment comes from making that huge contribution and Impact. But to have the ability to make a great impact, you have to have Freedom. Freedom from all hindrances. That means you have a level of mastery in the areas of:
  • money
  • health
  • mental and emotional healing
  • spiritual

And the foundation of this freedom is strong Relationships. Having a strong support system and community is important.

This is especially true for your intimate relationship. If you're in one that is not thriving, it can be very difficult to find freedom in all other areas. On the other hand, if you find passion, growth, and contribution in an intimate relationship, this can add rocket fuel to your freedom and ability to make an impact. So we make it a priority to build strength, passion, and bliss into this.

Finally, in order to bring your best to your relationships, you have to have the energy and aliveness to do so. So the foundation pillar of all four pillars is Vitality. We focus a lot of attention on ROE (return on energy) activities. For example, establishing an awesome morning routine and getting up early to start your day off. Even though you might lose an hour of sleep to have a productivity-enhancing morning, the energy you get back throughout your day (by increased effectiveness and focus) more than makes up for it by the end of the day. And then typically, you sleep better the next night.

So there you have it! The Four Pillars of Fulfillment. Start looking at your goals, tactics, and strategies through this lens and you will become more efficient and more fulfilled along the way!

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