🔥 Elite 10-Day Challenge! by Tawnya & Scott Landis

🔥 Elite 10-Day Challenge!

The world needs Awakened Men RIGHT NOW!

What if you had clarity of purpose, and
knew you were living out what you were created to do?

Especially in times of uncertainty, men of purpose come together for the greater good. They sharpen each other, call each other forward to greatness, and focus on solutions, not problems.

If you want to ensure that every area of your life is aligned to your purpose, network with other leaders like you, and gain a full understanding of what you are called to in times like these, then this group is for you.

This exclusive group is for the man who wants to use this unique time and opportunity to clarify purpose and calling, and to align daily activities, goals and objectives to that purpose in a renewed and inspired way. He is motivated to be the best version of himself as a man, and to make a impact in the world. If that's you click here:

What's Included?

What if you knew your goals are connected to a compelling vision? One that helps you feel greater certainty about your objectives. One that connects those objectives to your daily activities. . . Here's how:

  • Exclusive Challenge Group (limited to 20 Men)
  • Free Access To The Course Content (see Alignment Operating System)
    • With this course you'll gain serious insight about: 
      • who you are
      • why you're here
      • your greatest purpose
      • And how to live it out using a powerful and reliable system for living your greatest potential!
  • Increased Accountability and Support
  • 10 Days of Group Learning and Accountability
  • Fun and Engaging Online Group Coaching Environment
  • Free Membership Account to Awakened Life (Landis360.com)
  • An intense focus environment to get some serious stuff done!

About Your Group Facilitator

Known among those who have worked with him as "The Husband Whisperer" Scott Landis is a man focused on one thing.
 Helping husbands feel fully alive. 

    Scott is the co-founder of Marriage Architects and Awakened Man, with his wife of 21 years, Tawnya. They have three kids in high school, junior high, and grade school. 
    Scott is also a business coach and entrepreneurship trainer at Kingdom Business Coaching. 
Are you ready to move past shame, blame and disappointment? Do you desire sexual intimacy with your spouse and ultimate connection?  Can you visualize your goals becoming accomplishments?

Join the elite today and get ready to experience the shift.