Alignment Operating System by Tawnya & Scott Landis

Alignment Operating System

Eliminate stress and anxiety while aligning

Let me ask you....Is it usual for you to experience stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights? This is a sign of being "out of alignment".

What if you had clarity of purpose, and knew you were living out what you were created to do? What if you knew your goals are connected to a compelling vision? One that helps you feel greater certainty about your objectives. One that connects those objectives to your daily activities.

What's possible for you?

With this course you'll gain serious insight about: 
  • who you are
  • why you're here
  • your greatest purpose
And how to live it out using a powerful and reliable system for living your greatest potential!

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What's included?

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Free Preview: Why Use Alignment Operating System
What is Alignment?
4 mins
Why Do You Need AOS?
7 mins
The Alignment Operating System
Introduction to AOS
9 mins
Understanding AOS: Part 1
13 mins
Understanding AOS: Part 2
13 mins
AOS: What To Watch Out For
12 mins
How To Apply AOS To Your Life
Enemies Of Alignment
3 mins
Intentionality Quadrants
8 mins
Balance, Performance, and Integration
10 mins
Relationship Dials
7 mins
Going Further....Personal Application
What's Your Purpose?
Purpose Exercise
4 mins
Exercise: Develop a Purpose Statement
Repeat The Process For All Areas
Alignment Goals Sheet.pdf
45.2 KB
The One Thing Is
9 mins
Guiding Principles vs. Goals
9 mins
Smart Goals
13 mins
Going Deeper Into Who You Are