30-day Clean-Eating Challenge by Tawnya & Scott Landis

30-day Clean-Eating Challenge

30 Day Focused Clean Eating Group! 

This challenge will deliver Whole Food Based Recipes, Meal options, Snacks, Motivational information, Words of Encouragement, but most of all Teach you how to make a HEALTHY Lifestyle for YOU and your family!

30 Day Focused Clean Eating Group Requirements:

*Actively post and engage in my support page just for this group.
*Drink at least 64 oz minimum of water each day
*Be honest with your coach
*Commit to 30 days

Exercise is encouraged! However, exercise is not a requirement here!! It is not that I don't want you to exercise, but there are some of you out there that need to feel better and have more energy before you can find energy to exercise and I want YOU!!!! Does this sound like something you are interested in? Share and Comment below, pass on to friends, but let's start helping others!!

What's Included?

Here's a quick overview of the entire month!
Day 1: Clean eating…what is it?

Day 2: Importance of Hydration

Day 3: Tips for Grocery Shopping, Meal plans and shopping lists

Day 4: Portion Control

Day 5: What if I mess up? 

Day 6: Do I need to exercise? How much? How long? 

Day 7: Tips for naturally boosting Immunity 

Day 8: How does eating clean help your body?

Day 9: Clean Family Dinners

Day 10: Clean eating resources

Day 11: Fun Clean Food Facts

Day 12: Planning Ahead & Preparing

Day 13: Food Groups

Day 14: Healthy Carbs

Day 15: Healthy Meals on the go

Day 16: Being Consistent with a Busy Family

Day 17: Superfoods and what they can do for your health

Day 18: Success Stories

Day 19: Cleaning out your cupboards and pantry

Day 20: The Crack-down

Day 21: Staples to have in the house all the time

Day 22: Progress photos and measurements

Day 23: Importance of Fueling your body properly every day

Day 24: Mindset change

Day 25: Fun Healthy Facts

Day 26: Benefits of Exercise and Clean Eating on your health

Day 27: Leading by example

Day 28: Fixing what’s broken

Day 29: What do I do from here

Day 30: Back to Basics

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