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Do you want to make a huge positive impact on the world? Are you working on being the best version of yourself in health, wealth, and relationships?
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In the Awakened Life Community, the tie that binds is Impact. We all want to make a positive impact and significant contribution to something that is near and dear to our individual hearts. What is our philosophy?
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What People Are Saying...

Tawnya is a product of her product. She’s amazing in so many aspects. Anybody who has the ability to work with her will become a better version of themselves because of her.
Arah McLaughlin
I really had a breakthrough...feeling much more open again, I can breathe, I’m sleeping better, I feel better and more like myself again.  
Jana Cole
I used to live my life in a cycle of co-dependency, and I didn’t know how to get out of it. Scott has led me from that life, and shown me that it’s ok to prioritize myself and my needs
Daren Patera

Awakened Life Community

Join our FREE community of awakened men and women. We are a tribe of like-minded individuals who are looking to make a huge positive impact in the world. We work to gain freedom from all hinderances. We strive to be the best version of ourselves and how we show up in relationships, business, and life.


Where are you located?

We float between Portland, Oregon and Phoenix areas. Most of our clients are online and most coaching sessions are via video conference or phone. 

How expensive is your coaching? Do you take insurance?

We don't take insurance, but you’ll find us to be extremely valuable for the cost. In most cases, clients don't pay us any money until they've already experienced some progress. Once we've proven that our process works, clients who continue to work with us are usually on a month to month fee for service that ranges quite a bit. Anywhere from $100 to $800 on average.